Interview Preparation:Easy to clear Interviews (2019 Update)

All Interviews or meetings are chances to impress the interviewers or the Interview panel.We have to follow some basic dos to impress the interviewer.Some of them may be cliche's but it does not hurt to follow these.First impression is the best impression.We get only one chance to create an impression on the interviewer with some simple listed steps below.Come on lets give it a shot

Listing and reading will not do. Rehearse the common interview scenarios in your mind and enact it well in your home surroundings or a familiar location.We can never be very well prepared for any interview.The best thing will be to write down all the possible scenarios and try to enact all the possible scenarios of interviews.The best way is to prepare for interview scenarios in front of a mirror.This not only means that we are preparing verbally but also the body language is taken into account.To be frank body language equally to the verbal presentation.The two will go hand in hand one without the other is a waste.

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Interview preparation explained in simple steps
    Interview Preparation
  1. Interview Timing
  2. Venue of the Interview
  3. Have Patience During Interview process
  4. Research about the Company
  5. Read theJob Description carefully
  6. Prepare for common interview questions
  7. Be Organized for an Interview
  8. Dress Code and Grooming
  9. Gather your thoughts before answering
  10. Revise Basic Concepts
  • Interview Timing

    Always make note of the interview timings.Interview timings are usually indicated by the Human resource or HR person who shortlisted you for the process. Never ever be late for an interview.In case it is indicated as 10 am, be there at the venue and inform the Human Resource Assistant concerned about your arrival at least by 9.45 am.

    The above action shows the kind of dedication and punctuality you show for the Job opportunity.You may not have attended the interview but you have already gotten a couple of brownie points in your pocket.

  • Venue of the Interview

    The venue of the interview is naturally of prime importance. Unless you know for certain the address and location of the venue, it will always be preferable to do a check a day before and confirm correctness.

    In case it is outstation, google well or phone up their office to double check location identification, bus route, train, car (for parking facility) or taxi route. Please carry appropriate documents or letters issued by the company to get access into the building or office premises.Carry some photo identification to get access to SEZ(Special economic zones).These small documents may sometimes may go a long way in making your life easier.

  • Have Patience During Interview process

    Irrespective of the position you are applying for, it will always be preferable to have the day off and not to have any other engagement or commitment on that date.
    It will put off the interviewer / company if you check with him as to how long it will take or when will I get the result even before the process is completed.This goes to create a negative impression on the interviewer about the candidate's seriousness in the interview process.This reflects that you have better things to do or places to be than to give your 100% in the interview.

    Relaxed and undisturbed mindset will give 50% positive result. Though this is expected to be the primary factor, we are giving it here.

  • Research about the Company

    The first thing to do in terms of actually preparing for the interview is to learn about the company.It will also be good to read about not only the company but also the company culture .Today the common tendency is to google about the company and get some basic facts .

    Today a simple google is not going to help you in knowing everything about the company.We should use all resources at our disposal to check.Just to list a few

    • Check Glassdoor for employee reviews about the company

    • Check Indeed for reviews on the company

    • Check Linkedin for some post on the company

    • Talk to some of your friends who may be working in the company

    Second thing to do is to look at the products or services they specialize in.The more suitable approach is to do some research and try to come with instances or scenarios where we have encountered the product.

    Example- If I am giving an interview for an IT company,I can talk some tool of that company used by me to make my work easy and time more productive.

    You are serious and so are they .They expect you to do your homework of at least googling and get basic information like commencement, promoter, partners, branches and niche products.

  • Read the Job Description carefully

    Job descriptions are critical in assessing the requirements of the interviewer.As an interview candidate you can do justice to the role only and only if you know what is expected from you.

    Most companies give you a job description at the time of asking your interest in the position.If you have not received the JD or Job Description you can as the HR for it.

    We can also use other sources to find the requirements of job role or designation.
    • Research the internet for similar roles in other companies

    • Search websites like quora for user review on job roles

    • Talk to friends working in the company

    Ensure to go to your first encounter of the subject, its basic facts and its current form – say if you are attending an Accountant's job, go to basics of double entry book keeping – the 3 rules, journal entry, etc.

    Current form is the process through Tally or any such accounting software – most of the companies have their own accounting software – generally know one or two atleast = corresponding codes for the previous manual entries passed. For junior level, they would only ask the Tally codes - but at senior level they would expect you to explain the process of keying in the code – meaning what is happening behind the screen.

  • Prepare for common interview questions

    Interview is like a test or exam .Exam is very easy if all questions as you have prepared come verbatim and you can excel.

    It would never hurt to be prepare for all the common interview questions.There are no fixed interview questions that are asked in every interview.The flow of the interview will usually depend on the discretion of the interviewer.The best way is to be prepared with some questions like

    1. Tell me about yourself

    2. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses

    3. Tell us why we should hire you

    We can practice the common interview questions by writing the answers to the questions and practicing them in front of the mirror. The biggest advantage of practicing in front of the mirror is that we can not only see our confidence while delivering the speech but also the body language that we would show in answering the questions.

    It would not be out of place to even recommend rote your answers for some basic questions and be crystal clear. Even timing these responses will tell you that the 20 / 30 minutes you spend at the interview table is productive.

  • Be Organized for an Interview

    Please take a presentable dossier folder containing originals. Make sure that the dossier or folder that you carry is not very flashy.It is better to spend some money on a decent folder as this adds to the impression we project on the interviewer.

    pleasant colour – not white, light blue, yellow, orange, red, etc.

    Stack the originals in the order of priority to the job.The order can be in any form according to the individual . There is actually a most preferred way of doing this by arranging the folders in descending order.The reason is that the interviewer will be more interested in knowing about your last job or college as compared to the marks you secured in 10th standard.Relevance of documents to the work should take precedence over the chronological order or your achievements.Even in case of achievement certificates,please keep the recent ones prominently visible as compared to your primary and secondary school achievement.

    Always keep a copy to be handed over to them at the venue. In case a pre employment application was sent, ensure to fill it in all respects and attach necessary documents requested for affixing your photograph.

    • Keep an extra copy of all documents

    • Keep your passport size photographs handy

  • Dress Code and Grooming

    Today the culture is changing in terms of dressing where some companies are more accepting of casuals to work,But you never know the impression you would create by walking on the first day in casuals.The safe bet is to wear formals to create a first impression and then once accustomed to the company culture we can start wearing the casuals.

    There are some companies that do not specify a dress code.In these cases,try to wear formals for a couple of days till such time you get a feel of the organization culture.Once you settle in,please go ahead and blend in with the crowd.

    Have well planned out stationery items in your bag – very good pen(in shirt pocket), sharpened pencil, sharpener, eraser, stapler, a decent writing pad, gum stick, your recent 2 / 3 passport size photographs, a good handkerchief, good deodorant. Comb.

  • Gather your thoughts before answering

    Never be in any hurry to answer the questions.The point of an interview is to see how much you are suitable and not the speed of the answers.It is not a rapid fire round.Always remember,A late response is better than an inaccurate or an incorrect response.

    There is no harm in taking a small pause before answering.Even when answering questions,we don't have to talk continuously,we can take small breaks or gaps while talking.This way we not only can gather our thoughts,but we can actually let the audience to absorb our thoughts.The goal is not to keep talking,but to see if the interviewer is able to understand you or not.Some interviewer may ask you to drink water,in case you look tensed.If you are tensed or feeling thirsty,please take the water and thank the interviewer for giving you water.

    When your name is called by the interviewer, do take a 10 seconds pause, relax, calm yourself and take the assured walk that you have rehearsed and start releasing the butterflies one at a time and let it be empty when you reach the table!

Readying for the big occasion is one thing and performing on stage is another.Browse our other inputs to make it big and successful!

Revise Basic Concepts

We may have been working for sometime in an organization,but it will not hurt us to revise some of our basic concepts.We have been doing this for all our interviews or exams knowingly or unknowingly.We should always start from the basics to get a clarity of concepts.

It does not mean that we start revising any and every subject that we have come across in our academic life.It is not necessary to revise all the subjects.If we start doing this,then we would be wasting time remembering concepts that are not necessary for our daily work.We should look and select subjects that are usually foundations of your degree.This is a long way around.We would usually have an idea about certain subjects that are hot topics right now and have a high chance of being asked in the interview,so prepare those subjects.

There are some topics that may be related to the work we have been doing,which we may or may not realize.It is better to revise these subjects from our reference materials.The challenge about these subjects is that we may know the practical applications or the industrial way of doing it,but we may have problem recalling the text way of doing things.If we go through the textbook way doing things then we can correlate both and talk to the interviewer with confidence about the topics.