GD Topics:Easy to clear any Group Discussion(2019 Update)

The point of a group discussion is to see how a person is able to put forward a point in front of other interviewees and also listen to valid points and draw conclusions out of all the points. What can be expected as an output from a group discussion

    GD Topics
  1. Types of a GD
  2. Types of GD topics
  3. Group Discussion Evaluation
  4. Group Discussion critical for hiring
  5. Assessment parameters of a Group Discussion

Types of a GD

A group discussion was earlier considered to be self driven.The GD would usually have the participants having and enacting various roles and thereby playing different roles ranging from moderators to contributors.The problem started arising during the inability of the team to self manage itself.The interviewers started regulating the gd process to the extent necessary to get fruitful outcomes from the process.

  • Supervised Group Discussion

    In this type of a group discussion there is usually a supervisor who will keep overlooking the process and will usually regulate the flow of the group discussion.The interviewer will try to limit a single person from taking all the time and will try to make sure that everyone in the group gets an opportunity to talk and put forward their points.The interviewer will also try to correct the course of the discussion in the direction they deem fit.In some cases ,the interviewers or panelists may even interrupt or correct some speaker factually.Most of us make the mistake of looking at the interviewer during our discussion.The whole concept of GD is to discuss among the participants and the interviewer is a silent spectator.It does not mean that we ignore him.We should try to make eye contact occasionally with the interviewer.
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  • Unsupervised Group Discussion

    In this scenario the interviewer will be a silent spectator to the entire process and will not interrupt the flow of the process.

    The advantage of the whole concept of an unsupervised GD is that the flow of the GD will be driven by the participants.There are some disadvantages like only some people taking the lime light and taking away most of the time during the discussion.The GD sometimes gets out of hand in which people deviate from the topic and keep on going about it.The problem here is that people usually take a direction and keep elaborating on the points given initially.It could even go to the extent of people making points and some people defending it .This could get tricky.This kind of negates the point of a gd,where we are suppose to discuss the pros and cons of the topic.

    In this case,we would have to make sure we as participants are able to efficiently manage the flow of the interview.

Types of GD topics

  • GD Topics on Technology

    In the current trend ,we are looking at a variety of topics that are gaining attention by various organizations.Most of the interviewers want to know how technically aware you are in terms of trending technologies.The topics can range from automation,crypto currencies,Block chain,Artificial intelligence and so on.The point of having these topics even for some of the non technical job roles is to see the interest we have in the current trends in the industry.Please do not make the mistake of going into specific technical details.The point of the discussion is put forth our views on the subject and technical details which others and interviewer may or may not understand.

  • GD Topics on Environment

    With the growth in various green initiatives around the world most organizations want to see how aware we are about the various trends in this domain.There can be topics ranging from deforestation,green house effect and so on.Please make sure that we do not go overboard in talking about various organization and their adverse effect on global warming.We should have a balanced take on sustainable development.We should talk about striking a balance between industrialization and going green.

  • GD Topics on Social and cultural Issues

    Many organizations try to ask topics that are social in nature and these are not about the topics but how we can talk about these topics without effecting others feelings.Remember that we are entitled to have opinions or strong views about various matters.But,there is a time and place for everything.A gd is not a place for us to express all out views.The point of the gd is to take a abstract stand on these topics.We should always distance ourselves emotionally from these topic in order contribute valid points to GD.

  • GD Topics on politics

    In some case the interviewer may try to check your awareness of the candidate in political issues.The political issues may be controversial at times.We should make sure that the points that we have are based on facts and do not reflect our personal experiences or opinions on the specific topic.Always try to make points that are supported by statistics or facts.Try not to get carried away or emotional in handling these topics.The reason for the interviewer to ask you these questions is to see how aware you are and not your personal opinion on various political parties or politicians.

Group Discussion Evaluation

Let us tell you a secret here

We can clear any GD no matter what the topic is

Look at it this way we may not be familiar with all the topics in gd that are trending today.Believe me nobody is familiar with any and every topic that is around.It is however advised to be aware of the current affairs in order to make a significant contribution to group discussion.The way to go about reading the current affairs to follow the news and read the newspaper on regularly

The topics of GD are not very complicated.The topics are usually manageable .In case of a topic during the GD we may not everything about the topic, but we may definitely know something about the topic.The point is to focus on the things we know about the topic and write it down.We should make sure that we are able to articulate everything that we know in a concise manner.

Group Discussion critical for hiring

Everybody- fresher from College / University– be he an Engineer, Accountant, Lawyer, Costing professional – having decided to explore career opportunity or who is looking to further his career – has to acknowledge the fact that his first stumbling block is presenting a good bio-data, second being personal interview and last but not the least is to ace a group discussion process.

As a trained professional, HR team members will be organizing a small conference type room and send in 6 members who would vie for a position with us for final shortlist for probably meeting with Head of Department or CEO or for package discussion and offer. Depending on number of candidates, my team size will increase.HR Team would generally have a split responsibility – say A-B-C will be one person's responsibility and D-E-F will be second HR's and so on. At the end of the process, HR team will share notes and arrive at the final shortlist – generally it will be consensus and may never go to a third party judgment.

Easy ways to tackle any gd topics

Assessment parameters of a Group Discussion

    Personality and appearance in GD

    Whatever the topic may be ,what matters the most is the way we put forth the point.Personality is one of the most significant factors to create an impression in a group discussion.The personality we portray to the panel and other participants is what creates an impression.

    1. Parameters to evaluate Appearance and personality

    2. Groomed well and moves confidently to the allotted seat.

    3. Groomed well but moves a slight hesitation, fervent.

    4. Groomed well but does not know what to do after entry.

    Ice-breaker from candidate’s side in gd

    In most cases,irrespective of what the topic maybe people can start the group discussion by introducing the topic .We can just start any topic by giving an overview of the topic and speaking about it for few seconds.We can also give some relevant points and initiate the gd.This will actually give us brownie points for taking charge of the matter at hand and exhibiting leadership skills.

    1. Exchanges pleasantries with others and smiles generally.

    2. Responds to pleasantries by others.

    3. Hesitates and is lost with the crowd around.

    Announcement of the topic

    Make sure that you are paying attention when the topic is being announced.In some cases they usually give a printout of the topic with the paper or write it down on the board present in the room.In most cases,the topic is announced verbally and various people around the room are asked if they heard the topic for discussion and process is taken forward.Please make use of this opportunity when the topic is announced to clarify any doubts that we may have about the topic.

    1. Takes his pad calmly, writes down the topic and smiles inwardly.

    2. Takes his pad calmly, writes down the topic with neutral face.

    3. Looks at my face, scribbles the topic down with creased forehead.

    Preparing for the given topic

    Use the time effectively to prepare for the topic.Make a note of all the points that come to your mind when you first say the topic in your mind.It is important to make a note of some relevant facts that may be pertaining to the topic.It is better to make use facts more than statements without facts supporting them.

    1. Jots down bullets, looks at other faces and smile spreads.

    2. Thinks, intermittently jots down still with neutral face.

    3. Thinks, thinks, thinks – pad is empty

    Observations during discussion

    Make sure we are delivering the points with clarity.The points should not be delivered in a monotonous voice.Make sure there are some modulations to the delivery of the tone.Do not pause or stutter while delivering the points to the discussion.

    1. Very cogent, modulated voice and all bullets as paraphrased version

    2. Confident, monotone voice and still with neutral face.

    3. Sweats profusely, stutters and fumbles in his time.

    Body language during other's presentation

    The body language of a candidate speaks much more than what he can verbally communicate.Body language shows various aspects like the confidence that we possess while delivering the points to the GD.Body language is also very important when others are talking.We should make sure that our body language does not show the lack of interest in what others are talking.We should always try to maintain eye contact with the participant talking in the group discussion.

    Evaluating the body language of the candidate

    1. Listens attentively, makes note and nods appreciatively.

    2. Listens attentively, makes occasional notes.

    3. Lost in his world, stares at ceiling and fiddles.

    Candidate Behavior for evaluation

    1. Checks notes and waits for the right moment and clarifies his views

    2. Checks notes and does not raise his objection/assertion

    3. Observes others when they talk / argue-does not try anything from his side

    Style of communication during or after GD

    1. Does not come as over-bearing and pleasant negations.

    2. When negating others, shows tight face but communicates his views.

    3. Mumbles and often repeats views after others request/complain.

    Relating to other participants

    1. Helps in opening up a statement for him /her

    2. Minds his business and does not interrupt other participants

    3. Uncomfortable with himself throughout?

    Language proficiency

    Language proficiency is one of the most important factors in a group discussion.We should make sure that we use the right vocabulary during the discussions.People mistake language proficiency for use of fancy English words.It is not necessary to use very fancy language.The goal of a GD is to communicate our thoughts clearly with the vocabulary we already know.Please do not try to use words that you do not know and make a mockery .It is safe not to use the words that you are unsure of.

    1. Uses correct phrases and where to emphasize, paraphrases

    2. Uses correct phrases in a monotone – impacting less

    3. Doubtful in his presentation and fidgets a lot

    Final evaluation of a GD

    • Candidates who have shown confidence and delivered good content will be selected for the next round.
    • Candidates who are arrogant and did not work as a good team player would be directly rejected.
    • Then a couple of candidates who were neither here nor there would be wait listed.
    In short, A candidate who would clear Group Discussion test will be a person with:
    • Pleasant disposition

    • High on Confidence

    • Communicates well

    • Thinks on his feet

    • Plans his time

    • Articulates his thought process

    • Does not rub people on the wrong side

    • Helps somebody who is in need for motivation to initiate discussion

    Exhibit the above and you are the ideal candidate to move higher in life! Wishing you all to be the best interviewees in your own right!